Lufthansa flight 109 was flying over the Pacific Ocean at 30,000 feet enroute to the Far East. The stewardess announced on the PA system, "Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot had just advised me of some upcoming turbulence and he asked that all passengers take their seats and buckle up".

Several minutes later the stewardess announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot had just advised me that we may have to crash land in the ocean so please be prepared. Will those of you who know how to swim get on the right side of the plane and those of you who do not know how to swim, get on the left side?

A few minutes later the stewardess again announced, "Ladies and gentleman, the pilot has just told me that a crash landing is imminent. We will land in the water in less than a minute. Those of you on the right side of the plane, when the plane stops moving in the water get out of the plane and swim as far away as possible since the plane will quickly sink to the bottom of the ocean two miles below and you will be sucked down with it if you do not swim far enough away. Those of you on the left side, uh.....Thank you for flying Lufthansa!